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HANDYMAN GURUS, INC. (“HG”) is a California Corporation founded in 2019 and headquartered in Arcadia, California. HG is a fully licensed contracting company registered under the California State Licensing Board with General B license #1051060. HG was established out of the need for reliable maintenance services in the San Gabriel Valley to repair and upgrade maintenance issues at residential, multi-family, and commercial properties. HG recognizes the importance of providing quality services in response to our client’s needs both efficiently and cost effectively, without sacrificing the quality of work. Our executive team provides a solid foundation with over 40 years of experience through having owned and managed millions of square feet of real estate throughout Southern California, including:  Apartment/Multi-Family Properties  Industrial Buildings  Residential Properties  Office Buildings  Retail Centers  and more! Our staff has the necessary technical expertise and experience to analyze complex situations, assist with discovering new issues and point out specific areas in order to address potential problems before they become a concern. We understand property maintenance and work to maximize real estate investments through increased operational efficiencies, reduced deferred maintenance, while maintaining extremely low overhead costs. Our key personnel have a long-standing and strong presence in the local community dealing with the private and public sectors. Furthermore, we have assembled a client services team that is experienced, competent and focused on exceeding our client’s expectations. Our team is positioned to provide solutions to ALL of your real estate maintenance needs and have been successfully performing these services for years. We invite you to experience our vision, explore our services, and “find out what the right property maintenance company can do for you!” Handyman Gurus, Inc. (“HG”) has the experience to oversee the daily operations of your property maintenance without losing sight of the overall objectives. HG understands the delicate balance between controlling maintenance expenses and providing a level of service that ensures value. HG takes pride in our ability to resolve issues that arise efficiently, cost effectively, and in a professional manner. We provide a full range of services throughout the San Gabriel Valley (“SGV”) to keep your property well maintained, safe, and attractive to retain tenants, as well as appeal to new tenants in the market. Specifically, we have a proven track record for achieving excellence in the following areas: General Services: • 24/7 on call and can be at each property during an emergency; • After hour emergency service; • Property walkthroughs and general inspections; • Ensure common areas are well kept and properly cared for; • Manage all City violations until cured; • Certificate of Insurance violations; • Ceiling tile replacement; • Monitor deferred maintenance in our work order system and review an ongoing maintenance plan with the owner; • Develop a Preventive Maintenance Plan! Common Areas: • Repair or replace signage and banners; • Stucco repairs; • Janitorial Services; • Install hose bibs; • Power washing walkways, parking areas, patios, etc; • Cleanout drains and screens; • Repairs or replace wire mesh access points; • Repair or replace address and unit numbers; • Remove trash and bulky items; • Repair or replace common area locks (i.e. pool, laundry facility, storage rooms, etc.); • Repair or replace vents and screens; • Replace window screens; • Replace common area lighting; • ….and more! Unit Turnovers: • Perform full unit turnover; • Perform make ready move-in inspections; • Inspect and/or replace all outlets, lighting, blinds, windows, faucets, filters, change locks; • Scrape ceilings; • Replace flooring; • Repaint Units; • Cabinets: sand, paint, stain, or re-face; • Install new appliances; • Replace cabinet hardware throughout the unit; • Re-glaze bathtubs, sinks, showers, and countertops; • Install new fans; • Repair or replace closet doors; • Install recessed lighting; • Install new plumbing fixtures (i.e. toilets, faucets, flappers, etc.); • Replace smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors; • ….and more Bathrooms: • Replace spouts; • Replace towel racks and toilet paper holders; • Re-caulking; • Install new vanity’s; • Install medicine cabinets; • Install shower doors or curtain rods; • Replace shower heads, faucets, and supply lines; • Repair P-Traps; • Install toilets; • …and more! Kitchens: • Replace or clear garbage disposals; • Replace range hoods; • Install appliances; • Replace supply lines; • Re-caulk sinks and counters; • Repair cabinets; • Dispose of old appliances; • Repair drywall and plywood under sinks; • Replace faucets; • …and more! Lighting & Electrical: • Replace light bulbs; • Replace ballasts and fluorescent light fixtures; • Replace motion sensors; • Replace and/or adjust light timers; • Install exhaust fans; • Replace thermostats; • Replace or clean A/C filters; • …and more! Doors & Windows: • Replace door lock sets (single deadbolt and handset); • Repair or adjust doors to close; • Install door stops; • Replace mailbox locks; • Replace doors; • Paint doors; • Replace window screens and screen doors; • Board up doors and windows; • Replace weather stripping; • …and more! Painting: • Paint unit; • Touch up paint for general wear and tear; • Patch and paint; • Paint cabinets, doors, door frames, baseboards, etc; • Remove graffiti; • Remove mildew; • …and more! Technology:  Online tracking of work orders;  Before and after pictures;  Online bill pay and invoicing;  Text and email notifications;  Computerized tracking of maintenance staff. We can offer our assistance for improving the operation of property management and identify the areas that need attention. The cost of one bad decision could more than offset the cost of hiring a professional maintenance company to help you avoid the pitfalls of rental property ownership. HG understands that the best way to establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships with property owners is to provide clear, realistic expectations of the range of results they can expect when they work with HG. ~Handyman Gurus, Inc.

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